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Welcome to the Jay Paulus Society Band

Jay and Barbara Splashdown

65-200Jay Paulus' Society Band has released our very first CD titled "Dance and Sway". It is available through . To give you a little background information, our original band was formed in Chicago in the 80's when Barbara and I married, and it was a marriage of musical talent as well.   I've done a lot of big band music and ensemble work and Barbara's done a lot of theater, voice overs, commercial video along with her vocal talent. 

When we relocated to California we restarted our band and borrowing wonderfully talented local musicians we met and performed with at Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society we drew them into our "society" and together we are becoming an area favorite. To acquaint our prospective audience we plan pre-paid parties at area restaurants inviting our fans to join us. In addition, we perform at private parties, organization luncheons and dinners and any place people want to hear "the Great American Songbook", a little Trad Jazz, a bit of Rock and memorable show music. WE PLAY YOUR MUSIC, in other words.

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