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The Band

Jay and Barbara Paulus

Band Bio



Jay Paulus, Leader and Trombonist:  Jay came by his talent naturally, coming from a musical family. Jay was offered the trombone in grammar school as he has those looong arms, and he grew into it through high school concert band. Not satisfied with playing that music, Jay formed the school’s Jazz Band that continues still at York High School in Elmhurst IL. Jay played in the Navy for his four years and pursued his musical education at conservatory. Jay played for 20 years in two big bands(17 piece and 18 piece) and was called upon as a side man for visiting musicians of note who came to Chicago to perform. Jay formed his own bands (11 piece big band and 9 piece Dixieland) and offered Barbara the vocalist position as well as a marriage proposal! Although Jay set aside his trombone for 12 years, he now plays with Dr. Bach and the Jazz Practicioners and Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and Temperance Society, Ltd. and numerous other bands in the Sacramento area, as needed. The JPSB recently finished a 1 ½ year engagement at Awful Annie’s Lincoln restaurant. He and Barbara live in nearby Sun City. Jay’s trombone is one of the sweetest sounds you’ll hear, if he doesn’t interrupt it with his duck call!




Barbara Paulus, Vocalist:  As with many vocalists, Barbara has been singing since she could talk. Performing at amateur shows through her school years and in clubs and church choirs,  Barbara was often called upon to solo. Her forte is musical comedy and proudly relates that Ron Grow, writer for the Jackie Gleason Show, often wrote “schtick” for her in venues in the Chicago area. Landing “on the cutting room floor”, nonetheless she is proud to have acted with Mark Harmon and Nicholas Cage while living in San Diego. Ask her what her favorite role was “on the boards” and she’ll happily tell you Miss Adelaide in “Guys and Dolls”! But, locally, her proudest moments have been singing on Main Stage at the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society with Jay and twice at the Jazz Jubilee as the only woman to have ever performed with the Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and Temperance Society Ltd.



Charlie Gehlbach

Band Bio



Charles Gehlbach, M.D., Trumpet: Born in Illinois, Charlie’s family moved to Kentucky at age seven where he was introduced to jazz and began playing. After living in Texas and Louisiana, he chose U.C.L.A in California. Like many musicians he was forced to lay down his horn for several years to pursue his career and rear his family. Fondly thought of still by many patients, Charlie has an even larger following at his trumpeting prowess. His verve for music is positively infectious. He bounces, he twirls, he shakes, he grins, he winks and all without missing a beat! He and his Puje are one as he entertains not only with us today, but as leader of his own band, Dr. Bach and the Jazz Practitioners. He is also Chairman of the Music Committee for the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society. He and his wife, Marilyn make their home in Auburn where together they work diligently to aid in the fight to cure Parkinson ’s disease. We’re sure you’ll agree that he is truly a “Good Time Charlie!”



Bob Noren

Band Bio


 Bob Noren, Reeds  Bob is a late bloomer to our band but not many others. Bob started playing at the young age of 9 when his father bought he and his brother both instuments. He fell in love with the classical Oboe but changed his career path to include the more fun stuff, Trad Jazz, Country, Latin and Swing. Bob has played on numerous cruise ships to Hawaii and the Rhine River with separate band trips to Holland, Germany, Greece, Turkey and Italy playing for the Pope in the Vatican. He's played with several local bands from the Bay Area to Sacramento. His smooth sounds and twinkley eyes will get you every time.





Bruce Turley

Band Bio

For over 40 years, Bruce Turley has performed as a singer and drummer in the finest hotels, country clubs, ballrooms and night clubs in California.  For the past several years, he has also performed with various groups at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and has played back-up for a number of international Sacramento Jazz Society guest artists.
His warm, intimate vocal style and his versatile, artistic approach to drumming make him one of the most respected and sought after musicians in Northern California.  Whether it’s jazz, swing, Latin or rock, Bruce displays the talent and finesse that keep the audience entertained and the dance floor lively.



John Wilder

Band Bio



John Wilder, Keyboard/Pianist:  Keyboard Artist Extraordinaire and lovingly dubbed “Boy Wonder” as John has played professionally since age 11, either as a soloist or as a band member. John didn’t start off on the ivories. He started on the Banjo which he “picked” up playing with his father. Further, John was taught strictly by the book on piano but with his natural talent it wasn’t long before he shook off his piano teacher and began playing by ear. John arranges band music and currently his writings are being performed for headline acts on cruises. John’s resume includes performing with The Shirelles, The Ink Spots, The Lettermen, Big “Tiny” Little, and many others. In 2006 he was featured with the “Ambassadors of New Orleans” at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Israel. He was “Beez Neez” Keyboard Artist before it disbanded and his wife, Jessica Simpson, appeared with John in that band as well as many other bands through the years. Currently he is musical director for the “Deanaholics” who’ve performed in Las Vegas, Reno, Shreveport and anywhere people want to reminisce about “The Rat Pack”. John is a great addition to any band, dare I say it? Plectrum Banjo (oi) and all!